September 30, 2013

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Innovative Technology Selected for 2007 Space Technology Hall of Fame

ATLANTA, Ga. — Geosyntec Consultants was selected for induction into the 2007 Space Technology Hall of Fame for the innovative application of Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI), a remediation technology now being used across the United States. The Space Technology Hall of Fame is coordinated by the Space Foundation in cooperation with NASA. The Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization supporting space activities, space professionals as well as education and embraces all facets of space — commercial, civil, and national security.

"Your role in the successful development and commercialization of this technology is being recognized as an outstanding example of applying space technology for the betterment of life on Earth," said Kevin C. Cook, Director, Space Technology Awareness of the Space Foundation.

EZVI is composed of a surfactant, biodegradable oil, water, and nano-scale zero-valent (ZVI) particles in an emulsion and has been shown to enhance the degradation of chlorinated solvent DNAPL in source zones. Geosyntec worked with NASA and the University of Central Florida (UCF) to formulate the EZVI and use it for field testing.

"It has been very rewarding over the past seven years working with NASA and the University of Central Florida on the development of the EZVI technology," said Geosyntec environmental engineer Thomas Krug, P.Eng. "The recent induction of staff from Geosyntec into the Space Foundation Technology Hall of Fame, along with researchers from NASA and UCF, is a great honor for Geosyntec and the staff who have been part of the project."