May 5, 2014

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Geosyntec Launches Savron as the New Home of STAR and STARx for Contaminated Soil and Liquid Organic Waste Treatment

Geosyntec today announced the formation of Savron as the exclusive vendor of STAR technology, a proven method for the safe and effective treatment of contaminated soil and liquid organic waste.

Savron has been formed around the key practitioners of the technology — David Major, Gavin Grant, and Grant Scholes — who have been involved in the commercial development of this patented technology since its inception in 2005 at the University of Edinburgh.

STAR is a revolutionary adaptation of a smoldering combustion process that captures and recycles the energy released from hazardous materials to destroy them in a manner that is self-sustaining, faster, and simpler than many alternative solutions available in the remediation industry today.

"We are excited about the opportunity to bring STAR to sites with challenging remediation issues," said David Major, Ph.D., BCES, and a Principal of Savron. "We see STAR technology as a significant advancement — a real game changer for the safe treatment of hard-to-treat chemicals in soils as well as sludge and oily wastes."

"A broad range of hazardous materials, including petroleum hydrocarbons, coal tar, creosote, mineral oils, and solvents, can be treated with STAR," said Gavin Grant, Ph.D., P.Eng., and an Associate for Savron. "It works faster and to a substantially higher environmental standard than many other hazardous waste management practices, including thermal desorption, incineration, and solidification."

Savron offers two treatment solutions: STAR for the in situ treatment of contaminated soils and STARx for the ex situ treatment of contaminated soils and liquid organic wastes. Both solutions help organizations in the oil and gas, waste management, chemical manufacturing, and utilities industries better manage their environmental liabilities and comply with regulatory requirements.

"It's the efficient recycling of the energy in the contaminants being combusted that makes STAR such an efficient process and, therefore, less costly to operate than comparable remediation technologies," Dr. Grant said. "In addition, the smoldering combustion reaction is highly controllable and therefore safe. It also avoids the costs and risks presented by other injection and extraction approaches such as surfactant flushing and oxidation."

Both STAR and STARx solutions are available directly from Savron, which also offers clients treatability testing, pre-design evaluations, system design and construction, full-scale system operation and management, technology licensing, and technical support.

Visit Savron online at to learn more about STAR and STARx. For more information, contact Gavin Grant at +1-519-515-0852 or David Major at +1-519-515-0860.