February 5, 2014

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Dan Dolan Presents to IChemE-Malaysia on Older Offshore Platforms

Dan Dolan, P.E., a principal structural engineer for MMI Engineering (MMI) based in California, recently delivered a presentation in Malaysia on extending the structural life of older offshore platforms.

Mr. Dolan was invited to present by members of the Special Interest Oil and Natural Gas (SONG) group within the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in Malaysia, a global professional organization for chemical and process engineers. The IChemE awards the chartered chemical engineer designation to practitioners around the world.

MMI is a supporter of IChemE in Malaysia and Robert Bruce, a principal engineer and director for Geosyntec and MMI in Malaysia, is chair of SONG for 2014. Mr. Bruce recently was elected as an Associate Fellow of IChemE.

Speaking at a gathering of the SONG group in January, Mr. Dolan addressed the history and current state of the practice for structural integrity management as it applies to older offshore platforms. This timely topic is especially relevant to many platform owners and operators throughout Asia who plan to extend the life of offshore assets well beyond their original design lifecycles.

In addition, Mr. Dolan participated in an industry panel organized by IChemE that featured senior representatives of consulting firms, industrial partners, and universities discussing how best to incorporate real-world needs into academic programs.

IChemE's SONG group has an international membership drawn from a wide spectrum of businesses involved in oil and gas production and processing, including onshore and offshore operations. The SONG group's subject area extends from the hydrocarbon reservoir to the point where oil or gas are available as saleable primary products, ready for transport by pipeline or tanker.

For more information on the IChemE presentation, contact Dan Dolan in Oakland at 510-285-2731 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..