October 2, 2013

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Geosyntec Site Assessment Leads to Unique Landfill Cover Plan

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Polk County, Fla., recently awarded Geosyntec Consultants a consultant agreement to design a cover for its closed, 120-acre Tri-City Landfill.

Although the landfill was closed in 1977, in 1982, incidents of up to 24 cattle deaths and "neuropathy" in a man on site led to an investigation by the State of Florida. After a series of investigations, Polk County retained Geosyntec in 2007 to complete a site assessment, which was completed in 2009. Our site assessment results indicated that the Tri-City Landfill has a benzene plume migrating down gradient of the site. Part of the overall remedial strategy for the site will include an enhanced final cover and surface water management system. This project work led to the latest contract win.

"The Tri-City Landfill presents a unique situation," said Geosyntec project manager David Riotte, PE. "The landfill is surrounded on two sides by the Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project at Tenoroc with a portion of the landfill extending into the Tenoroc area." Tenorac is a fish management area (FMA). In addition, the Upper Peace River/Saddle Creek Restoration Project is 700 acres of former tailing ponds that are part of a wetlands and habitat restoration project funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

"The two projects are becoming joined at the hip because the landfill closure will require over 0.5 million cubic yards of soil and the FMA may have that much excess. The real challenge will be the surface water design. Our goal is to reroute all of the surface water to the Tenoroc area with minimal onsite attenuation and in such a way that we enhance the wetland habitat," said David.