October 2, 2013

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Meng Wang Lead Author of Environmental Science and Technology Article on Bacterial Migration

COLUMBIA, Md. — Geosyntec staff member Meng Wang, PhD, is the lead author of the article "Quantitative Analysis of Transverse Bacterial Migration Induced by Chemotaxis in a Packed Column with Structured Physical Heterogeneity," which is published in Environmental Science and Technology's January 15, 2010 issue. The co-author, Prof. Roseanne M. Ford, was Meng's graduate advisor at the University of Virginia's Department of Chemical Engineering.

Meng, a recent University of Virginia (UVA) graduate, performed her doctoral research on the bacterial chemotactic effects on microbial transport phenomena in bioremediation and biofilm formation. This article is a companion paper to her previous Environmental Science and Technology publications (43:5921-5927 and 42:3556-3562) about bacterial transport and distribution in porous media. In this latest paper, Meng applied a new mathematical model to quantitatively describe both physical and chemical effects on microbial migration in a heterogeneous system relevant to natural aquifers. The results assist in advancing practitioners' understanding of chemotaxis and motility effects in granular media systems as well as provides insight for modeling microbial transport in in situ microbial processes.

Prior to earning her PhD and MS in chemical engineering from UVA, Meng earned her BS in biochemical engineering from Zhejiang University in P. R. China. Meng is based in Geosyntec's Columbia, Md., office. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 410.381.4333.