Businesses and governments can struggle to access reliable sources of water suitable for production or use by their communities. In some cases, water is unavailable or inaccessible because of ownership control, in other cases there is a lack of planning to manage available resources.

Geosyntec’s Water Supply Reliability and Surface and Groundwater practices help our clients improve  water security, the availability, accessibility, ownership control, and reliability of water supply. We also assist clients with key water supply capabilities:

  • Water supply assessment and planning: master, integrated, local resource, groundwater sustainability, supply reliability
  • Local resource development: stormwater capture, groundwater recharge, water conservation
  • Numerical modeling of surface and groundwater systems
  • Portfolio analyses and management
  • Water banking, water transfers, water rights
  • Demand management strategies
  • Climate resiliency and sustainability
  • Source water protection

Supporting these primary capabilities, our consultants guide clients with permitting and environmental clearance, hydrology and hydraulics, ecosystem management and geomorphology, design, monitoring, asset management, and litigation support.

Source Water Analysis

Detailed source assessments for both surface water and groundwater. Our robust analyses present a comprehensive understanding of the impacts associated with surface water diversions, groundwater extraction, and the interaction of groundwater and surface water. These analyses are also used for source water quality protection.

Computation Modeling

As a core discipline, our modeling specialists can address a multitude of focused and integrated approaches to modeling of both natural and urban watersheds. We apply both public domain and proprietary surface and groundwater models that help clients to consider development and management scenarios, potential impacts of projects or programs, and approaches to optimizing the operation of existing water supply systems.

Water Rights and Water Use Permitting

Our staff are experienced in water rights throughout the Western US and include several certified Water Rights Examiners in the Pacific Northwest. We link the underlying legal frameworks with multidisciplinary hydrologic and ecological analyses that identify opportunities for clients to expedite approvals and address core legal and institutional issues. Our staff include senior professionals with deep experience with the California State Water Project.

Production Well, Diversion, Conveyance System Design

We design production wells, diversion facilities, piping systems, and instrumentation networks to provide consistent water delivery for your communities or industrial purposes. We are pioneers in the application of smart technology to monitor and operate stormwater systems using our OPTI technology.

Stream Systems Analyses

Our water resource specialists work in integrated teams that include geomorphologists, ecologists, and fishery management specialists to provide a thorough understanding of natural and urban stream systems and potential influences on ecosystem performance.

Stormwater Management

Our water resources engineers, water quality specialists, hydraulic specialists, floodplain managers, hydrogeologists, and economic analysts provide progressive solutions that address multiple challenges associated with the planning, design, and implementation of complex stormwater management programs and projects, including stormwater capture as a water resource. We are national leaders in stormwater quality best-management practices (BMPs) and have developed comprehensive management approaches in Southern California and across the Western United States.

Geotechnical Support

Geotechnical engineering is a core discipline that supports our water resources program with services including foundation design, pipeline ground engineering, dams and levees, seismic hazard assessment and slope stability analysis. We understand the complex and diverse environments that can constrain the design of water resources projects and work closely with our clients to bring value from our geotechnical understanding.

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