Water is fast becoming a limiting resource for communities and commercial operations. Effective water management, including water supply, water and wastewater management, and industrial water management are all critical for success. Geosyntec is here to help our clients untangle the complicated issues around water.

Industrial Water Solutions

Effective industrial water management is critical for successful operations and risk mitigation. Water scarcity, water quality degradation, high operational costs, stringent discharge regulations, and risk mitigation/brand protection are all drivers for industry.

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Water Supply

Businesses and governments can struggle to access reliable sources of water suitable for production or use by their communities. In some cases, water is unavailable or inaccessible because of ownership control, in other cases there is a lack of planning to manage available resources.

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Refinery Water and Wastewater Treatment and Management

Clients in the petroleum refining business are currently faced with complex systems that vary dependent on the type of crude refined and the desired final products. Water for refineries can originate from multiple sources: surface water; purchased water, water in crude, and stormwater.

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