Geosyntec is known for its innovative work in storm water and surface water quality management, hydromodification management, erosion and sediment control through the design and application of Best Management Practices (BMP); groundwater resource management and cleanup; and process water treatment, reuse, and recycling.

Our personnel have helped shape the state of these practices nationally over the past two decades via joint research and project work with civil engineering faculty at outstanding academic institutions, as well as continuous involvement in original research, devel- opment, and application of techniques and technologies. As a result, Geosyntec is recognized for frequently facilitating the transfer of technologies from academia to commercial and public use.

We recognize that one of the greatest challenges facing a mining operation is the development and management of water resources. To this end, our services in this area focus on the most efficient production, control, and management of valuable water resources to maximize the efficient use and reuse of every drop of water that is involved with a mine site operation and to minimize the long-term environmental liabilities that could result from the mismanagement of water resources. Our specific skills and capabilities in this area include:

  • Water resource evaluation
  • Water resource development and infrastructure
  • Mine dewatering
  • Digital modeling of groundwater
  • Digital modeling of groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Optimization of water supplies
  • Benefit analysis of conjunctive use
  • Water treatment/reuse
  • Water rights, substitute water supply plans, and augmentation plans

Stormwater and Surface Water Hydrogeology Specific disciplines in which our staff excel include selection, design, and construction of storm water treatment systems; hydromodification control impact assessment, management planning, and control; development of NPDES compliance programs for a variety of; large-scale TMDL implementation programs; and innovative water quality planning efforts. Many of Geosyntec's projects in these areas have contributed to setting current industry standards and guidelines for such activities. Geosyntec is also a leader in the design and implementation of Natural Treatment Systems (e.g., constructed wetlands) and in-line passive reactors for treatment of mine site runoff from both undeveloped land and developed mine process facilities.

Mine Process and Waste Water Treatment Geosyntec has the engineering experience and talent to provide complete water and wastewater treatment engineering services from concept design through detailed design, management of construction, and supervision of operation. We provide consulting, design and turnkey engineering services on projects ranging from feasibility studies to the design and operations of multi-million dol- lar facilities. Our extensive technological capabilities and applications experience provides clients with high quality single-source engineering solutions to their diverse water and wastewater treatment challenges.

Of specific interest to the mining industry is our physical/chemical and metals and radionuclide removal experience in regards to wastewater. We have experience with various technologies in this area including: softening, coagulation, settling, catalytic filtration/oxidation, advanced oxidation, membranes, among others. Geosyntec's personnel have designed numerous physical/chemical and metals treatment systems for clients in the industrial market sector including: mining, oil and gas, power generation, steel, pharmaceutical and transportation industry. Our innovative designs treat the most challenging waste streams to meet stringent regulations and our knowledge of the regulatory environment means we stay abreast of the ever changing regulatory environment.