Geosyntec provides infrastructure and facilities planning services for complex development projects. We understand the physical challenges and environmental compliance issues associated with achieving the full potential of the mine - from landform grading and stormwater management, to public perception and site security.

Our work with landforming techniques such as mechanically-stabilized walls and low impact development approaches can allow greater freedom in achieving site utilization and environmental impact objectives. We support our clients with:

  • Facility layout planning and phasing to optimize use of land and resources;
  • Transportation planning with strategic roadway layouts that reduce environmental impacts and assist with overall site development;
  • Cost estimating from preliminary rough order of magnitude values for evaluation or alternatives screening to detailed estimates to support reclamation bonding or other financial planning requirements;
  • Facilitating risk-based analyses for mine development and mine life extension projects based on several risk factors to achieve a go no go decision; and
  • Permitting of mine components through Federal and state-specific requirements such as Mine and Reclamation Plans and Aquifer Protection Plans.

Geosyntec approaches each site individually by tailoring investigations and design approaches to the clients' end use plan. We work with stakeholders to realize the full value of their site; working as a team creates a solution amenable by all parties as development progresses. Geosyntec works with clients to develop Best Available Demonstrated Control Technologies (BADCT) for their non-stormwater ponds, process solution ponds, heap-leach pads, and tailings impoundments which will satisfy regulators while keeping development costs under control.

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