Since the inception of the company, Geosyntec professionals have focused their expertise in the research and development of solutions to complex geotechnical challenges associated with the design, construction, and operation of earthen structures and impoundments that are critical to the successful extraction and processing of economic ore deposits.

Examples of structures for which we have developed engineering solutions include:
  • Earthen dams, dikes, and levees used to create impoundments for the containment and/or storage of tailings, heap leach piles, waste process water, fresh water supply, and surface water runoff;
  • Pond liner systems to collect, contain, and control waste rock leachate, tailings slimes, pregnant leachate solution, and untreated process water;
  • Process facility foundations including above ground vat leach pits, above ground storage and process tanks, water treatment facilities, portable and stationary process mills, power plants, and similar process facilities.

From our practical and research experience we apply state-of-the-practice engineering design and material application solutions (geosynthetic liners) that are tailored to addressing the objectives and unique challenges of mining operations. Challenges such as preventing the escape of valuable pregnant leachate solution, preventing the release of contaminated waste rock leachate or tailing slimes to the surface or groundwater, designing structurally sound dams, dikes, and levees in challenging topographic environments, and similar issues.

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