Adequately characterizing and controlling mine tailings and mine waste-rock facilities are among the biggest challenges that mine owners and operators consistently face. At Geosyntec, we regularly combine our scientific and engineering strengths to solve tailings and waste management problems of all types. Clients trust us not only to provide the full suite of Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) services, but also to be ready with the latest data modeling and consequence analysis reports. Our expertise across practices helps clients make informed decisions that are right for their facility.

Geosyntec supports mine tailings management as follows:

  • Design and assess dam and tailings storage facilities
  • Offer the full suite of GISTM services
  • Provide engineer-of-record, design, and Independent Tailings Review Board (ITRB) services
  • Provide as-low-as-reasonably-practicable (ALARP) assessments
  • Assess and analyze risk, including consequence and loss-of-life analyses
  • Assess and mitigate geohazards and seismic conditions
  • Design geosynthetics systems
  • Characterize mine waste and analyze geochemistry
  • Conduct waste management planning
  • Manage dust control
  • Design and execute tailings facility closure
  • Conduct GISTM audits
  • Model tailings deposition behavior

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