Mine planning and mine design can be complex, to say the least, because it involves many disciplines and touches on every aspect of the development.

Clients look to Geosyntec to help engineer earthen dams, dikes, and levees; pond liner systems, process facility foundations, and electrical/mechanical systems; and roads, rail spurs, and air strips. We also understand the physical challenges and environmental compliance issues associated with achieving the full potential of the mine, including landform grading, stormwater management, public outreach, and site security.

Our people support mine engineering as follows:

  • Recommend mining methods.
  • Conduct trade-off studies.
  • Plan and design new mines.
  • Select mine equipment and estimate workforce requirements.
  • Estimate capital and operating costs.
  • Manage ground-support engineering.
  • Evaluate soil and rock mechanics.
  • Perform pit slope stability analysis.
  • Reconcile mine production with environmental and regulatory concerns.
  • Design and implement instrumentation.
  • Prepare technical reports (JORC, NI43-101, S-K 1300).

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