Geosyntec provides technical services for strategic management of legacy properties and resolution of complex environmental issues related to ongoing operations including those associated with merger, acquisition, and divestiture activities within the aerospace and electronics manufacturing industries.

Advances in the aerospace and electronics manufacturing industries have become possible with new manufacturing techniques and the understanding of the properties of new alloys and composite materials. With each technology advance have come new challenges related to environmental compliance including residuals management. We work with clients to develop practical programs to meet current and emerging compliance initiatives through facility-specific and corporate EMS programs.

The aerospace and electronics manufacturing industry legacy sites have been known to have soil and groundwater impacted by a range of contaminants including chlorinated chemicals, many of which are resistant to conventional remediation techniques. Geosyntec has specialized in the application of in situ technologies targeting chlorinated compounds using bioremediation and reactive treatment processes such as zero-valent iron (ZVI) and chemical oxidation. Within the aerospace industry, oxidizers in propellants such as perchlorate have become contaminants of concern for soil and groundwater. Geosyntec is a leader in the development of technologies to address the contaminants of concern specific to the aerospace and electronics industries.

As manufacturers realign assets to accommodate changes in manufacturing and consumer markets, properties become available for sale or redevelopment. Geosyntec works with owners in understanding the costs and value opportunities associated with their underperforming real estate assets.


  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • ISO 9000 compliance audits
  • RCRA Facility Investigations (RFI), Corrective Measures Studies (CMS), and Interim Measures (IM) for operational facilities
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Remediation system installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Air permitting, including construction and Title V operating permit applications
  • Air emissions monitoring
  • Compliance monitoring, auditing, and reporting
  • Regulatory liaison and negotiations
  • Environmental site assessment for real estate transactions (due diligence)
  • Site remediation and restoration strategies for legacy sites
  • Expert consultation

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