Government entities face unique challenges and conditions including cost concerns, the need to serve constituents, and requirements to offer effective long term solutions. Geosyntec is uniquely positioned the help governments achieve success.

Federal Departments and Agencies

Federal clients choose Geosyntec to work on their most challenging projects, where inventive technical and management approaches are required. We have been selected through Brooks Act Quality-Based Section procurements to implement innovative solutions, often resulting in first-to-field application of new technologies that reduce cost and expedite project completion.

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State Departments and Agencies

Geosyntec supports government departments, agencies, and authorities that are entrusted with statewide responsibility for protection of the state's environmental resources, water supply and water resources management, hazardous and solid wastes management, roads and highways, state-owned buildings and lands, university systems, and parks and recreational facilities.

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Municipalities, Counties, and Local Government

At Geosyntec, we understand the business of local government and the daily demands of strict accountability, tight budgets and deadlines, and answering to a diverse range of customers -- who are also constituents.

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