Geosyntec has unmatched consulting expertise in food and beverage industry wastewater management solutions. We understand the demands and cost margins of the food processing industry and we have the engineering and industry experience to provide complete wastewater treatment services from concept through detailed design, construction management, and training and supervision of operations personnel.

We provide consulting, design, and turnkey engineering services on projects ranging from feasibility studies to the design and operations of multimillion-dollar facilities. Combined with our experienced and innovative personnel, our extensive technological capabilities and applications experience provides clients with high-quality, single-source engineering solutions to their diverse water and wastewater treatment problems. Further, Geosyntec’s tightly knit team is adept at effectively collaborating across the organization, thereby providing our clients with consistent and high-quality work products that can deploy findings and best practices across multiple facilities.

Our clients have engaged our services to help resolve the following types of issues:

  • Troubleshooting system performance challenges
  • Development of site-wide water balances to support client decisions and risk assessments
  • Identification of water and cost reduction opportunities
  • Optimization of existing wastewater treatment systems to allow for production increases and/or diversification without major capital investment
  • Strategy development to mitigate increasing sewer discharge costs
  • Evaluation of potential environmental impacts from proposed changes in operating procedures, production levels or product formulation
  • Upgrading outdated water and wastewater systems and equipment
  • Compliance with changes in permitting requirements
  • Planning for facility expansions, refurbishments, or green-field developments


  • Equalization
  • Coarse or bar screening
  • Fine screening
  • Dissolved air flotation

Biological Treatment

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Activated sludge
  • Fluidized beds
  • Slurry reactors
  • Biofilm trickling filters
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Thin-film bioreactors Lagoon systems

Reuse Polishing

  • Ozonation
  • Advanced oxidation
  • Activated carbon
  • Micro-, ultra-, nanofiltration
  • Reverse osmosis

Tertiary Polishing

  • pH Optimization
  • Phosphorus removal
  • Ammonia removal
  • Suspended solids removal
  • Disinfection
  • Ozonation
  • Constructed wetlands

"We are not obligated to use specific technologies or vendor packages, which results in the best overall solutions for our clients."

We offer emergency and on-going troubleshooting assistance for our client’s existing wastewater treatment systems and put an emphasis on integrating existing equipment when designing system upgrades.

To address our client’s needs, Geosyntec provides a full range of water and wastewater engineering services:

Water balance/water footprinting • Water/wastewater costbenefit analyses • Compliance auditing • Data collection network design • Planning studies, feasibility studies, and permitting • Collection and distribution system studies • Hydraulic and process modeling • Wastewater characterization • Technology evaluations • Bench and pilot-scale treatability studies • Equipment sizing and selection • Computer Aided Design (CAD) services, drawing management • Water and wastewater collection and treatment plant design and construction • Asset management • Corrective action plan implementation • Control strategy development • Instrumentation selection and integration • Electrical and power infrastructure • Pump station design • Program and project management • Construction specification development • Construction supervision and inspection • Operations assistance, startup, training, and troubleshooting

Residuals Management

The cost of managing wastewater residuals such as screenings, settled mud/primary sludge, dissolved air flotation float, and biosolids can be one of the most significant operating costs incurred by water or wastewater treatment systems. We have extensive experience in evaluating treatment and disposal options specific to handling residuals across many jurisdictions.

Our experience includes sludge preconditioning and treatability testing, small and large-scale pilot testing, and detailed design. Geosyntec has been successful at reducing the cost of residuals management and finding sustainable, long-term solutions that reduce the risk of cost increases to our clients.

Our strength in residual solids handling lies in our ability to look at wastewater and residual management as related issues, requiring an integrated solution. We work with facilities to find the best solution for their particular location and type of wastewater.