Preventing accidental releases of hazardous chemicals from facility processes is both an environmental and health and safety responsibility. Examples of processes where process hazards may need to be managed include ammonia refrigeration systems and chlorine gas disinfection of water. Facilities with processes that contain a greater than a threshold quantity of a listed substance must develop programs consistent with local regulatory guidance, but the overarching need to understand, manage, and mitigate process hazards and manage risks are globally applicable.

Addressing process safety and managing risks related to chemical processes requires the development of management systems to address the hazards. These comprehensive management systems typically address employee participation, management of change, document operating procedures, and training. Geosyntec helps clients meet the requirements of these programs by providing the following services:

  • Developing or updating Prevention Programs
  • Providing on-call “Help Desk” assistance related to program compliance
  • Conducting periodic compliance audits
  • Facilitating Process Hazard Analyses
  • Preparing Offsite Consequence Analyses (OCAs)
  • Preparing routine program submittals
  • Assisting with development of operating procedures
  • Assisting with Safe Work Practices program development (Hot Work, Confined Space, Lockout/ Tagout, etc.)
  • Providing regulatory audit preparation and assistance with consent orders
  • Preparing emergency action or response plans
  • Delivering customized training.