In the world of power delivery, being able to provide power quality and reliability is the name of the game. That means not only maintaining and operating existing systems but modernizing and expanding the delivery infrastructure, both lines and substations.

Geosyntec can help you achieve this goal. With our strengths in environmental and geotechnical services, Geosyntec can help site and permit high voltage lines over and under tough terrains, improve environmental performance of your in-house operations, assist in optimizing your system expansion, and facilitate retirement and reuse of assets. Creating a better environment in a safer world.

Site & Build

Design, Construct

High voltage transmission lines and substations often traverse potentially sensitive lands over a range of geologies. We can help you with services for minimizing impacts to local habitats during route selection, right-of-way acquisition, and development.

  • Due diligence and environmental site assessments
  • Hydrologic and geotechnical investigations
  • Foundation engineering
  • FERC Permitting (stormwater construction, endangered and threatened species, right of way, wetlands, and environmental compliance)
  • NEPA studies


Retire, Reuse

Once a site has completed its service life, we can help return it to the portfolio for future uses.

  • Environmental liability valuations
  • Investigation and remediation
  • Brownfields redevelopment
  • Decontamination, demolition and decommissioning


Operate, Maintain

We understand the environmental needs of supporting fleet maintenance facilities, equipment depots, and substations, particularly pertaining to use of petroleum and dielectric fluids, or materials used for upkeep such as herbicides. We can assist in the creation and implementation of best management practices that reduce costs and improve environmental stewardship and safety.  Plus address legacy contamination issues.

  • Compliance, training, and auditing
  • Environmental management systems
  • Pollution prevention
  • Investigation/remediation


Evaluate, Expand

Geosyntec offers expertise to plan for protection from natural events, such as extreme weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, as well as expanding capacity with energy transition to lower-carbon and renewable generation.

Clients choose Geosyntec to assist with developing electric transmission lines because our unmatched team of consultants has deep understanding of both the environmental regulations and the equally important regulator relationships that can speed the permitting process. At the same time, clients can access our team of leading geologists, hydrologists, ecologists, and geotechnical engineers to develop multidisciplinary solutions to the most complex problems electrical transmission clients face.

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