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Geosyntec’s air practitioners provide the full spectrum of air quality services to the electric power industry. These services include permitting; compliance assurance; emissions monitoring; and air pollution control equipment evaluation and optimization.

Our practitioners have expertise in New Source Review pre-construction permitting and air dispersion modeling as well as the application of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air measurement methods (e.g., Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources, or 40 CFR Part 60) within the electric power industry.

Our broad knowledge of air pollution control equipment used at power plants – coupled with expertise in selective catalytic reduction (SCR), sorbent injection for mercury control and acid mitigation, particulate control systems, scrubbers, and solving opacity issues – allows us to provide “big picture” solutions. Our emission measurement experts develop methodologies and configure instruments to monitor pollutants under complex operating conditions, including the application of novel approaches to measure mercury and sulfur trioxide emissions. By working closely with our clients and officials from regulatory agencies, we develop test methods and procedures that minimize measurement bias and lead to the collection of high-quality data.

Geosyntec practitioners guide electric utility companies through air projects through their concept phase to full-scale implementation. Our services extend from developing emission control strategies, evaluating pollution control technologies, and collecting and analyzing emissions data to completing technical analyses such as best available control technology reviews and air dispersion modeling analyses to complete air permit applications.

Implementing control strategies to comply with air regulations such as the U.S. EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), often impacts other media, including fly ash and gypsum. Therefore, it is important that Geosyntec air practitioners work closely with colleagues in other practices to provide comprehensive regulatory compliance solutions. In just one example, our air practitioners frequently collaborate on projects to help power companies meet their Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs) and understand how wastewater streams can be affected by flue gas control strategies.


  • Process engineering and optimization
  • Air quality permitting and compliance
  • Air pollution control technology services
  • Emission measurement services

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