Geosyntec is a pioneer in using Risk-Informed Decision Making to assess the safety of dams.

We help our clients through the process of identifying potential failure modes, evaluating the likelihood of failure, potential consequences, and the adequacy of in-place control measures; developing reasonable risk-reduction methods, and providing input to prioritize action plans. We routinely perform hazard potential classification assessments based on both national and local guidance documents; and prepare tailored Emergency Action Plans (EAP) to mitigate potential risks. Our professionals are versed in national guidelines established by agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and FERC, as well as state dam safety programs to meet regulatory requirements. Our engineers and scientists execute the full scope of risk analysis, assessment, and management to produce rational and convincing risk-informed dam safety decisions to mitigate risks to public health and safety, physical property, and the environment. Our experts identify cost-effective options for reducing risk and conveying dam safety risks to owners, stakeholders, operators, regulators, and the public.

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