Geosyntec provides extensive experience developing site-specific solutions for dams using our expertise in civil, geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, hydrologic, and environmental engineering, natural resources, information management, and construction management.

Our practice encompasses the development of new structures as well as the assessment and rehabilitation of existing dams, dikes, and levees. We respond to the unique technical, environmental, and regulatory issues facing federal, state, municipal, industrial, and private owners and operators.

Our services include design and design review for new structures and rehabilitation and enhancement projects. We also specialize in hydraulic and hydrologic engineering in support of dam, dike, and levee design and performance evaluations, including studies to assess probable flood levels, flood storage, and inundation maps.

For the rehabilitation of existing structures our engineers design practical alternatives, conduct a thorough analysis of the options, and guide the implementation of selected remedial options. We perform structural analyses for concrete and roller-compacted concrete dams and appurtenant hydraulic structures.

Geosyntec engineers and scientists are leaders in performing numerical analyses to evaluate the performance of earthen and concrete structures under seismic events, developing site-specific seismic demands, and assessing risks associated with earthquakes. We are pioneers in using Risk-Informed Decision Making to assess the safety of dams. We help our clients through the process of identifying potential failure modes, evaluating the likelihood of failure, potential consequences, and the adequacy of in-place control measures.

We provide comprehensive performance assessments of existing structures using the latest modeling and analytical tools to evaluate the structural integrity of earthen structures under a variety of conditions, including those associated with climate change. We then guide clients through the licensing and permitting of modifications to existing structures to expedite rehabilitation/enhancement projects. We also deliver the full range of environmental services needed to successfully obtain licenses for the operation of non-federal hydropower dams.

For more than 30 years, we have provided construction management, construction oversight, and comprehensive CQA/CQC for a multitude of dams, dikes, and levee projects worldwide.

We distinguish ourselves through continued development of innovative technology applications that result in significant long-term savings and reliability for our clients.

Utilizing our expertise in geotechnical, hydraulic, hydrologic and structural engineering, water resources management, Geosyntec provides a full range of innovative services for new and existing dams, dikes, reservoirs, levees, and conveyance systems.

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