Geosyntec offers our clients extensive experience developing site-specific solutions for real-time geotechnical and environmental data acquisition, management, and visualization. Our instrumentation and data management solutions have been a key part of a number of dam monitoring projects.

Our instrumentation and data management practice is focused on developing site-specific solutions using our expertise in civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering to assist our clients in the public and private sectors. We specialize in instrumentation data management services, geotechnical instrumentation, and automated data acquisition system (ADAS) installation. We also provide a range of services to complete entire monitoring projects including design, installation, monitoring, and data assessment. Our designs have included manually-monitored instruments and automated systems with web-based interfaces.

We provide solutions to our clients to retrofit existing automated instrumentation systems and migrate from outdated systems to modern systems. In such cases, our engineers carefully assess the site-specific requirements for an ADAS to develop the most economically viable solution for the site.

Geosyntec engineers and scientists are leaders in performing data-driven quantitative and qualitative analyses to evaluate the performance of structures using an ADAS and to set up early warning systems. We help our clients through the process of identifying potential failure modes, evaluating the likelihood of failure, potential consequences, and the adequacy of established control measures.

With over 100 instrumentation engineers, technicians, database managers, ADAS specialists, GIS practitioners, computer modelers, web developers, and other professionals and support staff, we are recognized as an industry leader in technical innovation, training, and technical information transfer.

We distinguish ourselves through continued development of innovative technology applications that result in significant long-term savings and reliability for our clients.

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