Geosyntec performs the necessary engineering activities associated with the full or partial removal of different types of dams, its appurtenant facilities, and restoration of rivers, from project planning through design, and implementation. We tailor our approach to each project by considering the strategic drivers, which could include dam safety, stream and habitat restoration, aesthetics concerns, and other regulatory and stakeholder requirements.

Geosyntec supports our clients in their decision-making processes by assessing dam safety concerns and public safety issues, including potential dam failure. This includes assessing sediment conditions, fish passage and aquatic migration considerations, river restoration potential (including sediment transport), environmental impacts, public and owner benefits, and funding availability. We identify and develop strategies on working with potential stakeholders, evaluate project alternatives, and develop visualizations of the proposed changes.

Our team conducts the necessary feasibility studies and develops risk-informed conceptual, preliminary, and final designs for dam removal. Leading the sediment management process, we evaluate if no action is warranted or if river erosion, mechanical removal, and/or stabilization alternatives should be considered. Geosyntec develops sediment transport and water quality modeling to assess changes in water quality and meet fish habitat requirements.

Geosyntec provides Construction Management (CM) and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for construction activities. This includes site access and mobilization, reservoir breakdown, streamflow diversion, demolition, removal and disposal, and site restoration. Our team also manages post-construction monitoring and mitigation programs to address potential flow rate changes, turbidity suspended sediment concentration, and water quality changes. Socioecomonic and biological impacts are also monitored and mitigated as needed, including fish and aquatic habitat diversity and abundance, terrestrial wildlife, and vegetation.

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