Geosyntec provides engineering, technical, and construction management support services for construction, including workplan and bid support, review of submittals and requests-for-information (RFIs), logging of boreholes and trenches, installation and maintenance of instrumentation, evaluation of differing site conditions, risk evaluations, and other support for Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) programs.

Geosyntec specializes in the development of GIS-based productivity tools that allow instrumentation, data collection, compilation, analysis, visualization, and presentation in real-time. These customized tools allow users to measure project progress, track project details, analyze trends, and achieve CQA targets, as well as automatically generate geospatially accurate As-Built Drawings.

Utilizing our expertise in civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering, Geosyntec develops site-specific solutions for real-time geotechnical and environmental data acquisition, management, and visualization. We complete automated data acquisition system (ADAS) installations and our designs have included manually monitored instruments and automated systems with web-based interfaces.

Our practitioners retrofit automated instrumentation systems for existing structures and migrate old or outdated data acquisition systems to Geosyntec-designed ADAS. We perform data-driven quantitative and qualitative analyses to evaluate the performance of structures using an ADAS and to set up early warning systems. We help our clients through the process of identifying potential failure modes, evaluating the likelihood of failure, potential consequences, and the adequacy of in-place control measures.

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