Consumer Product Compliance

Safety, Stewardship, and Regulatory Support

Geosyntec’s Consumer Product Compliance (CPC) Practice provides expert consulting to commercial clients throughout the consumer product life cycle, from product concept and application, through manufacturing and distribution, to end-of-life management.  Our multi-disciplinary technical teams include toxicologists, risk assessors, certified industrial hygienists, and chemists, experts in all phases of product stewardship, development and management.

We actively support consumer product safety assessments and product stewardship summaries to help commercial manufacturers address public health concern challenges, regulation, or data gaps associated with chemicals in the marketplace.

Your Compliance Partner

The landscape is changing for manufacturers, also for importers and distributors.  Regulatory compliance and reporting standards are in flux at the state, federal and global levels.  Staying abreast of developments and requirements is a continuous task and the ramifications for commercial investment and consumer sentiment are critical.

Public perception of consumer products safety concerns, grounded in good science or not, can have catastrophic implications for your business.  With access to social media, irreversible damage to your branding can occur with a keystroke.  It is imperative that companies be proactive and incorporate challenges (current and expected) into product development and planning.

With so much dynamic program development at the administrative authority level, and overriding consumer advocacy and scrutiny, it is not enough to comply with existing formulation, disclosure, reporting, labeling and packaging considerations to ensure your firm’s market share and viability. 

Across the globe, where interest develops in one sector, it is only a matter of time before the ramifications extend to related sectors … and distant ones.

Failure to anticipate consumer product safety changes in the marketplace can lead to product recalls, manufacturing shutdowns to reformulate, or legal challenges and the imposition of fines or legal and toxic tort challenges.  Fines for noncompliance are expensive.  The more significant cost can be the loss of consumer goodwill and sentiment.  Consumer confidence, once lost, is rarely regained.

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