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At the Intersection of Sea Level Rise and Waste Management
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Changing climate has numerous effects such as increases in both global and local average temperatures, increases in intensity and frequency of storms, and higher sea levels, to name a few.

Sea level rise (SLR) can result from numerous factors including thermal expansion of ocean water volume due to increased temperatures, increase in local water levels due to increases in intensity and duration of storms, and increase in ocean water volumes due to melting of glaciers and ice sheets. The US federal government, via the US Environmental Protection Agency, has developed a Climate Change Adaptation Plan that addresses potential threats and remedies to the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. Vulnerability analyses and adaptation plans must be incorporated throughout the cleanup process, including feasibility studies, remedial designs, and remedy performance reviews. Likewise, the State of California has implemented climate change and SLR adaptation into planning and investment decisions. These adaptation strategies include requiring local governments to incorporate climate change and resiliency strategies in their general plans and establishing the Governor"s Office of Planning and Research"s Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program to coordinate local and state climate adaptation strategies.

This presentation will highlight a case study of a SLR Assessment Strategy for the closure of three waste management units at a site in the San Francisco Bay Area, including SLR projections, a Vulnerability Assessment, and an Adaptive Management Plan for the site as driven by the State of California guidance on SLR. The presentation will address the process by which SLR projections are established and utilized, the factors that contribute to vulnerability of the site to SLR, and how a closure strategy accommodates site vulnerability due to SLR.

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