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Engineered Phytoremediation of Contaminated Aquifers: Achieving Site Cleanup Goals Using Innovative Plant-Based Remediation Technologies
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Engineered phytoremediation systems using TreeWell® technology at multiple sites to address impacts from a wide range of environmental contaminants under diverse hydrogeologic conditions, including sites where impacted groundwater is present in deeper aquifers inaccessible to conventional phytoremediation approaches.

For many of these sites, phytoremediation was selected as an alternative to – or replacement for – groundwater pump-and-treat systems or other in-situ remedies. Two short case studies will be presented, including: i) A cold-climate site in Illinois with a mature TreeWell phytoremediation system that is providing treatment and hydraulic control of a carbon tetrachloride plume; and ii) a site in the southern United States, currently in its fourth year of pilot-testing, where TreeWell technology is being used to treat highly elevated (DNAPL-saturated) concentrations of VOCs, and hydraulically control deep groundwater - up to 35 metres below ground surface - using a modified TreeWell unit design.

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Cherilyn Mertes
  • All Authors: Cherilyn Mertes
  • Title: RPIC 2021
  • Event or Publication: Event
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup
  • Citation: Geosyntec, Savron (a Geosyntec company), and SiREM (a Geosyntec company practitioners will present virtually at the Workshop from November 15-18, 2021.
  • Date: November 15-18, 2021
  • Location: Online
  • Publication Type: Platform Presentation