Current Activities and Future Directions from a Data Manager
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There are three phases that need to be considered related to data and the desired end use: Data collection, data management, and data analytics.

Data collection involves the acquisition of datasets associated with site location, weather conditions, traffic, soil type, pavement condition, sensor data, and other factors influencing the performance of a particular geotechnical asset. Depending upon the area, monitoring frequency, and number of factors considered, the data can be difficult to manage due to sheer volume. That is where appropriate data management platforms and techniques need to be implemented and to make the best use of the data. This is especially true when multiple data sets from various sources are needed to work together in the next phase, data analytics. In particular, the use of computer models and AI to extract useful and actionable information from the data pertaining to various assets is of great interest. For example, performance prediction models, to help prioritize maintenance strategies of highway agencies and state departments of transportation (DOTs), are a desired outcome.

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