Envisioning the Future of BMP Inventory Management and Inspection Programs
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As a Co-permittee under the 2013 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit for the San Diego Region, the City of San Clemente, located in south Orange County, is responsible for maintaining an inventory of water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs) installed through its Development and Re-Development program under Provision E.3 of the MS4 Permit.

As part of this provision, the City is also required to verify and document that structural BMPs installed on Priority Development Projects (PDPs) are adequately maintained. The City partnered with Geosyntec Consultants to update its inventory and perform inspections of BMPs. As a first step, the City requested that Geosyntec migrate their existing BMP inventory and annual inspection tracking records to the newly developed OC Stormwater Tools platform.

OC Stormwater Tools is a web hosted spatial database (aka GIS tool) developed through a collaboration between Orange County Public Works, the Orange County Co-permittees, and other organizations within the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (WMA). It was designed to support stormwater management tracking and decision-making including inventory management, Trash Amendment compliance, and is currently undergoing an update to add a modeling module which will allow users to quantify pollutant load reductions and other benefits (e.g. stormwater capture) at the individual BMP and Watershed Management Area scale (allowing for more efficient response and compliance with investigative orders and TMDL compliance).

San Clemente is leveraging the capabilities of OC Stormwater Tools to streamline its data management, inventory maintenance, and annual reporting responsibilities while setting up its inventory to take advantage of future tool capabilities. This presentation will provide an overview of the City's process and experience using the tool to update and manage its BMP inventory and review the benefits and efficiencies of this approach.

While BMP inventories and GIS databases are not novel or cutting-edge practice, the integration of the two (through OC Stormwater Tools or other tools) allows program managers and implementers to streamline, manage, and use their data in more efficient and effective ways. Envision a living tool where BMPs are tracked, inspection results and maintenance records are posted, corrective actions are identified and resolved, newly constructed BMPS are populated, BMP submittals are uploaded and approved, and pollutant load reductions, trash capture, and other benefits are quantified in near real time. That is the future of stormwater program management and implementation and the City of San Clemente and other Co-permittees have taken the first step toward this reality through the use of OC Stormwater Tools.

Throughout this presentation attendees will be polled to identify common issues and approaches related to inventory management and inspections and to brainstorm ways in which platforms like OC Stormwater Tools can best be used and expanded to enable future municipal programs to work smarter for program managers and implementers, developers and owners, regulators, stakeholders, and the public at large.

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  • Title: California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) 2020 Virtual Conference
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