Groundwater/Sediment/Surface Water Interactions
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Bob will chair these sessions:

Addressing Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions at Contaminated Sediment Sites: Getting Risk Reduction Right. F.S. Dillon, J. Johnson, D. Lavoie, S. Brown, and G.A. Burton. Frank Dillon (Jacobs/USA)

Application of Groundwater Transport Modeling to Examine Plume Mass Discharge and Natural Attenuation within Surface Water Sediments. M. Shupe, J. Travis, D. Burnell, A. Patil, and R. Montero. Mark Shupe (Tetra Tech, Inc./USA)

Arsenic Fate and Transport along a GroundwaterPorewater-Sediment-Surface Water Pathway: Delaware River Site Case Study. D. Vlassopoulos, T. Merritts, J. Goin, C. Fields, R. Mohan, R. Karr, and S. Coladonato. Dimitri Vlassopoulos (Anchor QEA, LLC/USA)

* Assessing the Importance of Groundwater, Surface Water and Sediment Interactions at a Superfund Tidal Waterbody. S. Gbondo-Tugbawa, C. Prabhu, S. McDonald, Y. Zou, R. Weissbard, and D. Marulanda. Solomon Gbondo-Tugbawa (Louis Berger U.S./USA)

* A Balanced Approach to Pre-design Groundwater Data Collection for a Sediment Capping Remedy at a Great Lakes Estuary Site. J. Beaver, C. Kiehl-Simpson, B. Meyer, E. Dott, and I. Mossberger. Jamie Beaver (EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. PBC/USA)

* Coal Ash Constituents in Groundwater and Regulation under the Clean Water Act. M. Huddleston. Matt Huddleston (SynTerra Corporation/USA)

Groundwater, Surface Water, and Sediment Assessments Performed for an 8000-Barrel Crude Oil Spill in Southern US: Findings from Comprehensive Risk Assessment. R.C. Bost and L. Magyar. Richard Bost (I2M Associates, LLC/USA)

Metal Fluxes from Cellulose-Rich Sediments of Industrial Origin. P. Frogner-Kockum, A. Apler, M. Kononets, P. Hall, G. Göransson, J. Hedfors, L. Zillén, S. Josefsson, and I. Snowball. Paul Frogner-Kockum (Swedish Geotechnical Institute/ Sweden)

PAH Compositions in Sediment Porewater Provide Clues to What We Are Measuring. H. Costa, L. McWilliams, R. Scott, S. Clough, and K. Elek. Helder Costa (Haley & Aldrich, Inc./USA)

PCB Source Control through Creek Bank Stabilization. A.S. Fowler, L. Wellborn, J.R. Loper, T.B. Loper, E.G. Macolly Harris, and M.C. Price. Alan Fowler (Geosyntec Consultants, Inc./USA)

* Quantifying Groundwater Contaminant Discharge to Surface Water and the Effectiveness of Applied Hydraulic Containment. E.C. Ashley, M. Annable, and M. Martin. Ernest Ashley (CDM Smith/USA)

* Scaling and Evaluation of Chemical Transformation along Groundwater Flowpaths and in the Hyporheic Zone Using Various Techniques. G. McLinn and G. Kenoyer. Gene McLinn (Burns & McDonnell/USA)

* Sediment Trap Mechanisms Controlling Arsenic Mobility near the Groundwater-Coastal Water Interface. S. Rakhimbekova, D.M. O’Carroll, and C.E. Robinson. Sabina Rakhimbekova (Western University/Canada)

Use of Thermal Data with Surface Water Sampling to Refine a Conceptual Site Model of Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction along the Las Vegas Wash. K. Durocher, C.S. Howe, R. Henderson, G. Knight, H. van den Berg, and J.C. Parker. Kristen Durocher (AECOM/USA)

Using Temperature Measurements to Map and Quantify Flow across the Sediment/Water Interface. F.D. Day-Lewis, M.A. Briggs, J.W. Lane, and D. Werkema. Frederick Day-Lewis (U.S. Geological Survey/USA)

What Happens When the River Floods? Considerations for Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions and DNAPL in Design. J. Hemmen, W. Thomas, and S. Dunn. Jesse Hemmen (Arcadis/USA)

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Bob Veenstra
  • All Authors: Ernest Ashley, Bob Veenstra
  • Title: Groundwater/Sediment/Surface Water Interactions
  • Event or Publication: Battelle: 2019 Sediments Conference
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup, Environmental Planning and Management
  • Citation: Session D3, The Tenth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments will be held February 11-14, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.
  • Date: Feb. 12, 2019
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana