Sediment Bioremediation
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Heather will chair these sessions:

* Aerobic Biodegradation of Aniline and p-chloroaniline at a Contaminated Chemical Manufacturing Site in Southern Jersey. H.S.A. Almnehlawi, J. Dallmeyer, J. Zhang, R. Dean, H. Hua, X. Yin, L. Axe, F.R. Burns, and D.E. Fennell. Haider Salman Awaid Al Mnehlawi (Rutgers University/USA)

* Analysis of Growth Dynamics and Protein Expressions of Microbial-Mediated Biomineralization of Uranium Contaminated Soils at Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina. V. Ibeanusi, J. Hoyle-Gardner, H. Howard, A. Chauhan, A. Pathak, R. Jaswal, C. Jagoe, and J. Seaman. Jada Hoyle-Gardner (Florida A&M University/USA)

* Applicability of Marine SMFCs for the Bioremediation of a Mixture of High Molecular Weight PAHs. H.Z. Hamdan and D.A. Salam. Hamdan Hamdan (American University of Beirut/Lebanon)

* Assessment of the Biological Contribution to Monitored Natural Recovery of Anthropized Freshwater Sediments. L. Madueño, V.A. Starevich, B.M. Coppotelli, A.C. Agnello, N.C. Vidal, M.E. Oneto, M.T. Del Panno, and I.S. Morelli. Laura Madueño (CINDEFI, UNLP-CONICET/Argentina)

Biotransformation of γ-hexachlorocyclohexane (Lindane) to Non-Toxic End Products by Sequential Treatment with Mixed Anaerobic Microbial Cultures. L.A. Puentes Jacome, L. Lomheim, E.A. Edwards, W. Qiao, S. Ye, X. Tang, and S. Gaspard. Luz Puentes Jacome (University of Toronto/Canada)

* Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Mixtures (Aroclors) and Sediments Contaminated with PCBs with Encapsulated Oxidoreductase Enzymes. K.H. Kucharzyk, E. Strozier, C.S. Peven, and A. Duong. Kate Kucharzyk (Battelle/USA)

* Effects of Peroxydisulfate Oxidation on Biodegradation of Perchlorethene. L. Honetschlägerová, R. Škarohlíd, M. Martinec, and M. Serna. Lenka Honetschlägerová (UCT Prague/Czech Republic)

* Hydrocarbon Remediation via In Situ Bioreactors in Riverbank. K.L. Sublette, D. Ogles, A. Biernacki, B. Baldwin, and K. Clark. Eric Raes (E&LP/USA)

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Heather Campbell Veith Rectanus
  • All Authors: Arul Ayyaswami, and Heather Campbell Veith Rectanus
  • Title: Sediment Bioremediation
  • Event or Publication: Battelle: 2019 Sediments Conference
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup, Environmental Planning and Management
  • Citation: Session B6, The Tenth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments will be held February 11-14, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.
  • Date: Feb. 13, 2019
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana