Improving the Effectiveness of Technology Transfer Programs: Lessons Learned from SERDP/ESTCP Webinar Program
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Background/Objectives. Support for conferences and travel to training opportunities continues to decline, especially within the public sector, yet the need for targeted technical information increases.

The environmental industry needs trustworthy, practical information that is easily accessible via the internet. To this end, in 2014 SERDP and ESTCP launched a webinar series to promote the transfer of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions developed through projects funded by SERDP and ESTCP. The webinar series targets end users including Department of Defense and Department of Energy practitioners, the regulatory community and environmental researchers with the goal of providing cutting edge and practical information that is easily accessible at no cost.

Approach/Activities. SERDP and ESTCP developed and manages a live webinar series, which is held roughly every two weeks on Thursdays from 12:00 to 1:30 pm Eastern time. Each webinar features two distinguished speakers, showcasing research and technology developments across the SERDP and ESTCP program areas. The target audience for the webinar series is end users, including practitioners, the regulatory community, and environmental researchers. Behind the scenes, Dr. Deeb increased access and interest in the webinar series by developing strategic partnerships with relevant organizations, using targeted marketing methods, and monitoring audience experience.

Results/Lessons Learned.In the past two years, SERDP and ESTCP's webinar series has provided over 10,000 people with cutting edge, trustworthy, and practical information on innovative, cost-effective and sustainable environmental solutions. No source of webinars previously existed with the scope, frequency and quality that have been achieved to date with the SERDP/ESTCP webinar series. This webinar series uniquely addresses a critical gap in technology transfer for SERDP/ESTCP. This presentation will describe the successes and struggles of the webinar program and provide a summary and analysis of surveys conducted following each webinar to capture lessons learned regarding the use of webinars as a technology transfer mechanism. Lessons learned will be extracted following a quality review assessment to identify potential improvements. Key themes for success include strategic partnerships, targeted content, diverse means of outreach and metrics for success.

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  • Geosyntec Authors: Rula A. Deeb, Jennifer Nyman
  • All Authors: Rula A. Deeb, Jennifer Nyman, Andrea Leeson
  • Title: 2018 Battelle Chlorinated Conference
  • Event or Publication: Event
  • Practice Areas: Contaminated Site Assessment and Cleanup
  • Citation: Session: G5. Advances in Technology Transfer
  • Date: April 8-12, 2018
  • Location: Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California