Elevated Temperature Landfills (ETLFs) - Challenges Facing the Solid Waste Community
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The article is entitled "Elevated Temperature Landfills (ETLFs) - Challenges Facing the Solid Waste Community." It considers the uncommon but costly problem of high temperatures in landfills resulting not from subsurface fires but from abnormal biological or chemical reactions within the landfill.

Nick and Scott describe how elevated temperatures (ETs) have been measured in some municipal solid waste landfills and the issue is now receiving increased and widespread attention. These temperatures, sometimes greater than 300 F, can result in significant difficulties with gas and leachate management and are of concern to landfill owners, designers, and regulators alike. Although the overall percentage of ETLFs is small compared to all landfills in North America, the operational and capital expenditures resulting from assessing and controlling ETs can far surpass those of a normal landfill.

They also discuss how research has focused on identifying the symptoms or characteristics of ETLFs, possible causes, and methods to mitigate and prevent them. The research is focused on understanding the interaction of biological and abiotic reactions in creating exothermic conditions, and testing the effects of certain conditions such as pressure and vapor (gas) extraction pyrolytic reactions. The research is proceeding along the following sequence of activities: (1) developing temperature and pressure monitoring instrumentation, (2) laboratory testing of the waste, and (3) BMPs for ETLF mitigation and prevention.

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  • Geosyntec Authors: Nick Yafrate and Scott Luettich
  • All Authors: Nick Yafrate and Scott Luettich
  • Title: EM Magazine
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  • Practice Areas: Waste Management
  • Citation: Air & Waste Management Association's (A&WMA) EM Magazine in March 2017
  • Date: 2017