The Flood Keeper
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Mark Hanna (California) is featured in an article entitled "The Flood Keeper" written by Willy Blackmore in the Pacific Standard, Volume 9, Number 3, May/June 2016 Issue.

The article highlights Geosyntec's central role in revitalizing the Los Angeles River. It covers different roles that Geosyntec filled including advising Gehry Partners on its master plan, designing Metabolic Studio's water wheel, and preserving its hydrological functions. It describes the issues with flooding from the time of the settlers till now and how the concrete waterways have helped. Mark is quoted as saying "The concrete is not there for today, and it's not there even for the last storm we had...It's there for when nine inches of rain fall, another five-inch storm is on the horizon, and the Pacific Ocean is stacking up two more mothers of all storms--that's peak flow."

The article also describes the problem with stormwater and the development of a master capture plan and he said "When we need that concrete — when we really need it everybody's rain barrel is long overflowing. Everyone's cistern is long overflowing. It's been overflowing for weeks. And then that storm hits."

This is referencing another project Geosyntec consulted on with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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  • Citation: Pacific Standard, Volume 9, Number 3, May/June 2016 Issue
  • Date: 2016