Sustainable Long Term Management of Landfills under the Navy's Environmental Restoration Program
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Jeremy's fact sheet describes how sustainable long-term management (SLM) helps to minimize the lifecycle depletion of energy, material resources, and financial resources. This fact sheet describes SLM strategies that may be suitable for landfills managed under the Environmental Restoration (ER) and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) programs. Issues addressed include passive controls, optimized landfill cap design and maintenance, long-term monitoring, beneficial reuse, clean closure considerations, and shoreline erosion protection issues.

The NAVFAC Technology Transfer (T2) Program supports information sharing to identify the Navy's Environmental Restoration (ER) challenges and to promote the use of innovative and cost-effective solutions. The goal of the T2 Program is to communicate the latest information on research, technology innovations, and lessons learned from real-world applications. Through this Web page, technical resources on key topics are shared within the ER community including T2 e-mail updates, videos, fact sheets, handbooks, and more.

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