Utilizing Stable Isotope Tools in Legal Matters
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Stable isotope tools applied at contaminated sites have demonstrated the potential to provide a line of evidence for allocating groundwater contaminant sources, estimating degradation rates, and evaluating natural attenuation in recent litigation matters.

As a result, these tools are receiving more attention and scrutiny in the Courts particularly in litigation matters requiring identification of the number of contaminant sources and distinguishing between them, assessment of the degree and mechanisms of contaminant degradation, and evaluation of natural versus synthetic perchlorate sources. Under Federal Rule 702 and Daubert, judges, lawyers, and technical practitioners need to understand the utility, capabilities, and limitations of this tool, as well as the validity and admissibility of stable isotope evidence. The goal of this presentation is to effectively communicate the principles, capabilities, applications, and limitations of stable isotope tools in the context of the legal process.

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