A simple soil model for low frequency cyclic loading
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A three-dimensional elastoplastic soil constitutive model capable of capturing the response of granular soils under low-frequency cyclic loading is introduced and verified. The model is piecewise linear with a hyperbolic stress-strain relationship.

The size of the hysteresis loop is controlled using different scaling factors with a shift in the backbone curve at load reversal. The model introduces a new algorithm to better capture the soil’s response upon reloading for plane strain. Model verification with experimental results at different scales shows that the model has good capabilities in capturing the response of granular soils under low frequency cyclic loading.

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Yazen Khasawneha
  • All Authors: Yazen Khasawneha, Antonio Bobetb, Robert Froschb
  • Title: Computers and Geotechnics
  • Event or Publication: Publication
  • Practice Areas: Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
  • Citation: Volume 84, April 2017, Pages 225–237
  • Date: 2017