Developing, Implementing, and Quantifying Benefits of 'Green Residence' Standard Plans in the City of Los Angeles
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Water L.A. is a comprehensive effort to facilitate widespread implementation of residential stormwater harvesting and graywater use in the City of Los Angeles. The goal of Water L.A. is to effectively facilitate widespread implementation of multi-benefit private property BMPs that not only increase groundwater infiltration and water use efficiency, but also improve downstream water quality.

This effort aims to achieve these objectives through standard plan development, pilot installations, improved permitting processes, and widespread resident education. In collaboration with various stakeholders and agencies, Water L.A. is assisting multiple City departments with the drafting of a set of City-approved private property "Green Residence" Standard Plans for five specific stormwater harvesting BMPs and a single graywater implementation plan that all City residents can utilize. The standard plans are being developed with a "resident-friendly" approach and are designed for easy approval by City Departments.To date, several draft standard plans have been used to implement pilot BMPs and graywater installations at participating homes. The vast majority of the pilot installations are being implemented within a single 46-acre watershed for ease of monitoring and modeling. An adjacent control watershed will also be monitored and modeled to allow for a "before-after/control-impact" (BACI) analysis to quantify the multi-benefits. Results will provide an enhanced understanding of the benefits of Water L.A. with respect to runoff reduction, infiltration, peak flow reduction, water quality improvements, and water use efficiency, and can help the City calibrate future incentives for residential stormwater BMPs and graywater installation.

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  • Geosyntec Authors: Mark Hanna, Christopher Wessel
  • All Authors: Melanie Winter - The River Project, Christopher Wessel, Mark Hanna
  • Title: Developing, Implementing, and Quantifying Benefits of 'Green Residence' Standard Plans in the City of Los Angeles
  • Event or Publication: 11th Annual Headwaters to Ocean Conference
  • Practice Areas: Watershed and Stormwater Management, Water and Natural Resources Assessment, Management, and Restoration, Surface Water/Groundwater Supply Studies and Development