Impact Analysis of Steel Plated Concrete Wall
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Impact analysis of nuclear plant structural walls composed of surface steel plates, tie-bars, shear studs and concrete are discussed utilizing a simplified model of a fictitious wall to perform the analysis using LS-DYNA. The concrete constitutive model is based on Winfrith concrete model which covers all aspects of concrete behavior including cracking. The model was used to conduct a series of numerical studies to evaluate the effect of several parameters affecting the behavior of the wall. These parameters include thickness of the wall, thickness of the steel plate and diameter of tie bars. These studies resulted in several conclusions regarding the global and local behavior of the steel plated concrete wall system.

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Ravi Mullapudi, Paul Summers
  • All Authors: Il-Hwan Moon, Ravi Mullapudi, Paul Summers
  • Title: Impact Analysis of Steel Plated Concrete Wall
  • Event or Publication: ASCE Structures Congress
  • Practice Areas: Analysis and Simulation
  • Date: 2012