Inelastic Analysis of Semi-Infinite Foundation Elements
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The inelastic response of shallow and raft foundations is significantly complex due to the behavior of the surrounding semi-infinite soil media.

The Winkler approach models the soil as a single layer, and assumes that the foundation reaction at a particular point is proportional to the soil displacement. In reality, the soil is a semi-infinite medium that can not be modeled as a single layer. In this paper a new finite element formulation was developed in which the soil can be viewed as a semi-infinite inelastic element that can resist bending, in addition to the well-known Winkler effect. Parametric analyses of an inelastic reinforced concrete foundation element is presented. Read More:

Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Ravi Mullapudi
  • All Authors: Ashraf Ayoub, Ravi Mullapudi
  • Title: Inelastic Analysis of Semi-Infinite Foundation Elements
  • Event or Publication: Mechanics Research Communications
  • Practice Areas: Structural Evaluation or Assessment
  • Date: 2009