Silver Lake Low Impact Development (LID) Retrofit Project
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As part of a comprehensive restoration project for the Ipswich River Watershed, the Town of Wilmington hired Geosyntec Consultants to develop stormwater treatment designs for the Silver Lake town beach parking lot and three stormwater outfalls that discharge to the lake.

The project is one of nine demonstration projects funded by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MA-DCR) through a Targeted Watersheds grant from the US-EPA. Silver Lake is a 28.5-acre kettle-hole lake with a watershed area of 132 acres, which drains to Lubbers Brook, a tributary of the Ipswich River. The Silver Lake water quality and resource improvement project involved installation of several Low Impact Development (LID) practices to treat stormwater in the Silver Lake watershed. The project is located in a residential area and within the vicinity of the Silver Lake town beach parking lot. The project involved the replacement of existing pavement along the street perimeter with “porous” pavers with underlying infiltration beds, the construction of several raingardens on residential properties, the restoration and enhancement of a stormwater outfall entering Silver Lake, replacing the paved town beach parking lot with "porous" pavers and “pervious” asphalt systems and bioretention cells and the construction of two vegetated swales to daylight stormwater outfalls adjacent to the town beach. This presentation will provide a summary of the LID components of the project including both the design and construction. The poster will present the LID elements that were implemented, provide summaries of the infiltration results collected on the porous surfaces, and summarize the findings along with recommendations for LID implementation.
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Publication Summary

  • Geosyntec Authors: Andrea Braga, Steven Roy
  • Title: Silver Lake Low Impact Development (LID) Retrofit Project
  • Event or Publication: 2nd National Low Impact Development Conference
  • Practice Areas: Watershed and Stormwater Management, Water and Natural Resources Assessment, Management, and Restoration
  • Date: 2007
  • Location: Wilmington North Carolina