Analysis of EPA's National Stormwater BMP Database
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Strecker, Eric W., Marcus M. Quigley, and Urbonas, B. R., "Analysis of EPA's National Stormwater BMP Database, "ASCE 26th Annual Water Resources Planning and Management Conference, Tempe, Arizona, 1999.

This EPA cooperative research program with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is charged with developing a more useful set of data on the performance and effectiveness of individual best management practices (BMPs) and to assess the relationship between measures of efficiency and BMP design. BMP monitoring data should not only be useful for a particular site, but also be useful for comparing studies of similar and different types of BMPs in other locations. Almost all past BMP monitoring studies have provided very limited data that is useful for comparing BMP design and selection. This paper overviews some of the comparability problems of past BMP monitoring. It suggests some of the ways that data should be collected to make it more useful for assessing factors (such as settling characteristics of inflow solids and physical features of the BMP) that might have led to the performance levels achieved. It recommends efficiency calculation methods and appropriate terminology to be used in evaluating BMP assessment studies. Finally, the paper also discusses other considerations that affect data transferability, such as the statistical tests used, reporting techniques, etc.

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