Rapid Assessment and Mitigation of Post-Fire Impacts
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Forrest, C.L., M. Quigley, N. Jacobsen, M. Harding, C. Tesoro, and D. Isbell. "Rapid Assessment and Mitigation of Post-Fire Impacts, "Erosion Control Journal (January-February 2005): 66 - 70.

Following the devastating Cedar, Paradise, and Otay wildfires of October 2003 that blackened in excess of 375,000 acres, San Diego County and the City of San Diego separately-undertook the tasks of conducting assessments of post-fire hazards and mitigating potential impacts. Both the county and the city contracted with GeoSyntec Consultants to assist with this task. GeoSyntec used a number of recently developed tools and techniques during the post-fire hazard assessment, mitigation, and implementation process to improve the efficiency of the collection of field data during the assessment and improve the ability to make time-critical engineering decisions before the imminent onset of winter rains. These tools included ruggedized personal digital assistants (PDAs) equipped with integral global positioning systems (GPS) and multispectral satellite imagery, and automated feature analysis of post-fire imagery to delineate burn areas based on satellite imagery and to refine estimates of burn severity and watershed response.