Guidance Manual for Monitoring Highway Runoff Water Quality
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Strecker, E.W.,L. Mayo, Guidance Manual for Monitoring Highway Runoff Water Quality.

This document provides guidance for selecting and using stormwater runoff monitoring equipment for the monitoring of highway runoff. The guidance provided is intended to help achieve stormwater monitoring program goals through the collection of more useful and representative rainfall, flow, and water quality information. Ultimately it is intended to improve monitoring information that will lead to better decision-making with respect to highway runoff management.

The guidance contained should not be regarded as a rule, requirement, or regulation. It should be used to provide insight into strategies, approaches, and techniques that are appropriate and useful for monitoring the water column within highway stormwater conveyance systems. Experience and knowledge of local conditions should always be considered when applying this guidance.

This document addresses equipment and methods that were readily available at the time it was written. As the state of the art is continuously progressing, more sensitive devices and equipment based on new technologies will likely become available. Although the technology may change somewhat from the equipment described, most of the basic flow and water quality monitoring methods discussed in this document have a long history of use and will most likely remain viable even as new and different technologies emerge.

This manual focuses on water quantity and quality measurement and therefore does not address in detail sediment sampling methods and techniques, biological assessment, monitoring of receiving waters, monitoring of groundwater, streambank erosion, channel instability, channel morphology, and a variety of other useful activities that in many circumstances may be as, or even more, useful than measuring and monitoring water quality for assessing impacts of highway runoff.

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