Exposed Geomembrane Covers Part 3 - Geomembrane Restraint
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Germain, A., Houlihan, M.F., Richardson, G., "Exposed Geomembrane Covers Part 3 - Geomembrane Restraint, "Geotechnical Fabrics Report, Volume 19, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2001.

This article reviews selection criteria for exposed geomembrane covers (EGC). It reviews the selection of interim EGC's and discusses those that are intended to play a role in the final cover, providing designers with a methodology with which to make their selection. Selection should be based on an evaluation of criteria such as: resistance to environmental factors, including ultraviolet radiation exposure, temperature extremes and impact loading; resistance to wind-uplift related damage; resistance to down-slope creep caused by excessive thermal elongation and material creep; and acceptable serviceability based on quality of seams and long-term ease of repair. Also compatibility of long-term final closure and a demonstrated performance history in exposed applications should be considered. These criteria are discussed individually in more detail.

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