Bioreactor Landfill Stability: Key Considerations
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Bachus, R.C., Houlihan, M.F., Kavazanjian, E., Isenberg, R., and Beech, J.F., "Bioreactor Landfill Stability: Key Considerations, "MSW Management. Sept/Oct., 2004

Of all the engineering issues associated with bioreactor landfills, slope stability is among the most important. Designers and regulators often express concern that the introduction of water or other liquids to enhance the degradation of the waste will reduce the stability of the waste mass. Although the introduction of liquids has several potentially destabilizing effects, these effects can be mitigated through sound design, construction, and operating practices. This article summarizes the state-of-the-practice for bioreactor landfill design, construction, and operation and their influence on bioreactor landfill slope stability. Based on the information presented in this article, bioreactor landfills can be designed, constructed, and operated in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards of practice for slope stability.

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