Soil Deformation and Excess Pore Pressure Field around a Closed-Ended Pile
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Pestana, J.M., Hunt, C.E.,and Bray, J.D. (2002) "Soil Deformation and Excess Pore Pressure Field around a Closed-Ended Pile, " Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 128, No. 1, January 2002.

Numerous field and laboratory research projects have examined loading conditions, total soil stresses, and excess pore pressures during and following pile installation. Recently, a large number of seismic retrofitting projects for bridges in California have revealed the need for well-documented field tests evaluating the effect of pile installation on the static and dynamic properties of soft clays. This paper documents the geotechnical field investigation and field monitoring program, which included measurements of excess pore pressure and horizontal deformations at three radial distances from a full-scale closed-ended pile driven into a deep deposit of Young Bay Mud. Significant excess pore pressures developed as a result of pile driving and they are a function of distance to the pile wall. Lateral deformations decrease with increasing distance from the pile and can be approximately described by the cylindrical cavity expansion method. Inclinometer measurements show lateral deformation towards the pile wall as the excess pore pressure dissipates. These measurements are essential in the calibration and validation of analytical techniques to predict changes in properties of the foundation soil.
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