Modeling Stability of Stacked Geotextile Tubes
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Zhu, M., R. Kulasingam, J. Beech,and L. Brussel, " Modeling Stability of Stacked Geotextile Tubes, "Proceedings of GeoFlorida 2: Analysis, Modeling & Design, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 199, ASCE GeoInstitute, D. Frante, A.J. Puppala, and B. Muhunthan (Eds), West Palm Beach, Florida, Feb 20-24, 2, pp. 1777-1785.

Geotextile tubes are being increasingly used in environmental applications for dewatering and containing slurry waste and contaminated sediments.

An important design consideration from the geotechnical aspect is the stability of geotextile tubes when they are stacked in multiple layers. The paper presents a stability model that was developed to simulate stacked geotextile tubes using typical limit equilibrium slope stability analysis methods. The model takes into account the shear strength of slurry waste at different stages of dewatering, the high tensile strength of geotextiles, and the interface shear strength of the geotextile tubes and the liner system. Using the model, potential sliding of geotextile tubes along weak interfaces and potential global failure involving the foundation can be evaluated. The application of the model is demonstrated by an example engineering scenario. Based on the model results, a sample design chart that provides minimum interface strength values for the geotextile tubes and liner system is also presented.

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