Lessons Learned From Failures Associated with Geosynthetics
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Giroud, Jean-Pierre, "Lessons Learned From Failures Associated with Geosynthetics, "The Kersten Lecture, Proceedings of the 47th Annual Geotechnical Engineering Conference, University of Minnesota, 1999, pp. 1-37.

Based on a review of approximately 100 case histories, this paper analyzes systematically the modes of failure of incorporating geosynthetics and reviews the design and field situations that lead to failures. Numerous examples are presented, and lessons learned from the failures are summarized. The various modes of failure observed are classified in different categories and relationships between modes of failures and characteristics of geosynthetics are discussed. Finally, successes of geosynthetics are reviewed in order to put failures in perspective. Note: This paper is an expansion by approximately 50% of the paper titled "Lessons learned from failures associated with geosynthetics", published by the author in 1999. (The references contain an extensive list of papers by this author). For the covering abstract see ITRD E109917.

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