Slope Stability of Geosynthetic Clay Liner Test Plots
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Daniel, D.E., Koerner, R.M., Bonaparte, R., Landreth, R.E., Carson, D.A., and Scranton, H.B., "Slope Stability of Geosynthetic Clay Liner Test Plots," ASCE Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 124, No. 7, pp. 628-637.

Fourteen full-scale field test plots containing five types of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) were constructed on 2H:1V and 3H:1V slopes for the purpose of assessing slope stability. The test plots were designed to simulate typical final cover systems for landfills. Slides occurred in two of the 2H:1V test plots along interfaces between textured geomembranes and the woven geotextile components of internally reinforced GCLs. One additional slide occurred within the unreinforced GCL component of a 2H:1V test plot, when the GCL unexpectedly became hydrated. All 3H:1V slopes have remained stable. Results of laboratory direct shear tests compared favorably with field observations, providing support for the current design procedures that engineers are using for assessing the stability of slopes containing GCLs.
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