Cost Effective Biological/Chemical Treatment of Ammonia/Ammonium Impacted Media
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Brady, W. D., D. Graves, and D. Strybel, 2001, "Cost Effective Biological/Chemical Treatment of Ammonia/Ammonium Impacted Media, "in Bioremediation of Inorganic Compounds, Eds. A. Leeson, B. M. Peyton, J. L. Means, and V. S. Magar.Battelle Press, Columbus, OH. pp. 215-221

Remedial technologies were evaluated at two surface impoundments containing high ammonia (NH3) levels and at an NH3-contaminated ground-water site. In one impoundment, pH adjustment was applied to enhance NH3 volatilization, and at the second impoundment, pH adjustment was combined with organic amendments. Engineers identified air sparging and addition of a carbon source to convert NH3 to organic nitrogen as remedial options for the contaminated ground water. Organic substrate additions proved to be very effective for treating both media, providing a competitive advantage to NH3-assimilating bacteria that converted NH3 to organic nitrogen, rather than to nitrate.

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